Vulnerability Assessments

Discover & Mitigate Vulnerabilities

The importance of vulnerability assessments?

Discover your vulnerabilities before hackers do:
Organizations should be informed of vulnerabilities on their IT systems and remediate them before a malicious attacker takes advantage; resulting in possible financial loss and damage to your organization’s reputation.

Meet Compliance Requirements:

Conducting periodic vulnerability scans, documenting the results, and creating plans of action to mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities is often a requirement for many security compliance frameworks such as NIST SP 800-171. 

Common system vulnerabilities:

Vulnerabilities on IT systems can occur for various reasons including insecure system configurations, open ports, vulnerable services, and outdated operating systems. 

How we can help?

Specialized tools can be used to identify system vulnerabilities however it takes expertise to properly run them, document the results, and formulate a mitigation strategy.

Desired Outcomes can help your organization creates its vulnerability management plan, run in-depth vulnerability scans, and provide you with detailed reports on vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure as well as recommendations on how to mitigate the findings.