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Know When It’s Time to Discipline or Fire an IT Staffer (Information Week)

When a team member begins neglecting his or her work responsibilities, it’s important to move quickly. Here’s a look at the telltale warning signs.

Omer Kaan Aslim, president of cybersecurity services provider Desired Outcomes, feels that it’s important to maintain a firm hand when dealing with an employee who’s obviously failing to meet his or her responsibilities. “The primary objectives of IT include improving efficiency, providing security, and ensuring positive end-user experiences,” he observed, adding that an IT staffer who consistently shows a lack of interest in any of these areas through actions and attitude should be terminated.

Aslim believes that a slacking IT staffer lacks the motivation necessary to contribute to the improvement of organizational efficiency. Worse yet, such an individual will tend to ignore security policies while failing to support the level of service expected by end-users. “Discipline will do little to solve attitude problems in adults,” he noted. Worse yet, the individual may become a dead weight, hindering co-workers and key business operations. “Failing to terminate a bad apple on an IT team may result in negative reputational and financial consequences,” he warned.

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