CompTIA Security Trustmark+

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What is the CompTIA Security Trustmark+?

The CompTIA Security Trustmark+ is a prestigious accreditation that cybersecurity conscious organizations can earn, proving to clients and prospects that they are capable of protecting their data. 

As cybersecurity continues to become a factor for many private and public contracts the CompTIA Security Trustmark+ accreditation distinguishes your company from its competitors. It includes 100 security controls, that must be backed up with documentation to prove that they are in place.

Earning this the Security Trustmark+ is no easy feat, apart from implementing 100 security controls it requires at least 14 detailed IT and security policy documents.

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Earn the Security Trustmark+ With Us

Desired Outcomes has experience implementing the 100 Security Trustmark+ controls required for earning the accreditation and has helped clients with pursuing this trustmark

CompTIA Security Trustmark+

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